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Attention America & Europe: I had thought that 2019 was my last ministry trip to the USA (CA, DE, OK & AZ). Covid lockdowns seemed to confirm that.


BUT, I have recently been persuaded to confirm visits to the following:


Germany, Netherlands & UK - Sept. 10-18, Pending confirmation

Florida Sept. 20-21 @ Fort Lauderdale 

Georgia Sept 23-24, private meetings

South Carolina Sept. 25; @ Charleston SC Pending confirmation

South Carolina 26-27; @ Spartensburg

Texas Sept 29-Oct 3 @  Corinth TX

Alabama Oct 4-5 @ Lillian AL

Tennessee Oct 6-7 @ Lebanon TN

Idaho Oct 8-11 @ Challis ID

California Oct 12-13 @ Bakersfield CA


Details of venues & times will be posted shortly on our website under the Events button, in the meantime we await final confirmations.

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