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Freemasonry interview on YouTube 

In late April this year, I was filmed for a YouTube interview on Freemasonry. It was wide-ranging, including mentioning that six major cult groups were all started with a strong Masonic influence and involvement. These include the Mormons, Christadelphians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-day Adventists, Christian Science & Spiritualism.

Within ten days, Dave the interviewer reported the interview had been downloaded 5,000 times & viewed 300,000 times. Now it’s over one million on all platforms. Since then, we have been swamped with inquiries how to get out of Masonry and other cults, as well as orders for resources to learn about these. It’s resulted in Unmasking Freemasonry being Amazon’s # 1 best seller on that subject. We are not displeased!

We’ve received inquiries and orders from virtually every state in Australia & the USA, every Canadian province, every British county, almost every nation in Europe, from Sweden to Gibraltar, and from Africa to South Korea.

It’s obviously been an introduction of Jubilee Resources International to many for the first time, globally.

The Free Stuff section of our web-shop has also had a hammering, it’s not uncommon for people to download 30 to 60 items, and the record to date is 153 items! These are free tracts & articles with the hope people will share them to help educate others.

The effect of all this has been close to two years of orders for resources in six weeks, which has been a challenge. Those who ordered printed books and/or MP4 video on a USB drive have either received them or should do within a few days. We have no control over the distribution from the various printers we use in 12 countries so they can be printed and shipped quicker. Maybe they have been swamped too.

Also happening at the same time, a Christian University in the USA has adopted four of our books as text books for their Deliverance training, Unmasking Freemasonry, Unmasking Mormonism, Unmasking The Watchtower, & Rome’s Anathemas. They are considering other titles. This is an interesting arrangement, which we are happy to arrange for other Bible Colleges.

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