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News Updated 28th February 2024

Changing Times

Communication these days has changed. Most of us hardly get any mail in our letter-box, and far too many in our email inbox. We've noted that around 95% of our orders for resources (& general inquiries) are on-line or by email, 3% phone with orders or inquiries, and the rest by post. So when we do a posted mail out for newsletters or events, etc. in your region, we've decided it's not sensible to use printed reply envelopes anymore. We still have a Free Post # to use for those few in New Zealand who wish to use that method to order resources.

International teaching

I was asked to teach with an interpreter some classes in German for a major training ministry in Germany, via Zoom. These start at the beginning of March. In addition I recently did similar training on Dissociation with a ministry group in Sydney Australia. In April it will be Netherlands turn. There are no shortage of other invitations to do the same, although time zones will limit some.

UPDATE: 2nd Edition, Covenants, Crowns & Consequences.

After teaching at
Summer Schools '23, many people 
sent in confirming documentation that the Treaty of Waitangi was voided no later than 1901. For example, UK Hansard shows it was never ratified there. This documentation has been added to
the updated book & eBook. Please pray that NZ avoids a race-war, as some on both sides want this to enhance their influence. It's time for Kiwi Christians to know our history better, and to pray for God's solutions to this dilemma. The eBook is free.

Upcoming Events

For the past 21 consecutive years, Jubilee Resources has run annual Summer Schools, mostly in Wellington, Christchurch & Auckland. We are sensing Holy Spirit wants a change of emphasis in our ministry, so our board decided to not hold any Summer Schools in January 2024. Actually, it was nice to be home for our 35th wedding anniversary.

Educating people through our books, eBooks, downloadable videos etc. seem to be helping a growing number of people in over 80 nations, so we are focussing on completing those titles that are appropriate in the relevant languages.

"It's Time to Reverse the Curse" Training & Ministry Course for Christian Ministry teams & Individual Christians who want to grow.

Where & When:

Christchurch = Wed/Thur. 13 & 14 March 7pm

Venue: Urban Oasis (C3) Cafe, 269 Hills Road, Mairehau.

Dunedin = Sat. 16 March 9am-4pm

Venue: Abundant Life, 31 Stafford St.

Timaru = Sat. 23 March 9am-4pm

Venue: Elim Church, 7 Elizabeth Place

Hanmer Springs = Sun. 24 March 2pm

Venue: Remnant House, 108 Rippingale Road

Kaikoura = Mon. 25 March 7pm

Venue: 74 Westend

The Books in languages & on Amazon

At present, we have 33 non-English languages. Most are on Amazon, and all are uploaded to the eBook section of our web-shop as they are completed. As at start of February, we have 205 print books on Amazon, plus 102 eBooks.

On Jubilee's web-shop, we also have 154 non- English eBooks.

Some good news, Amazon have announced they will be printing & shipping from South Africa this year. Primarily that would be English and Afrikaans languages.

Ministry experience:

I read in one of Dr Harold Eberle's books that he returned from a weekend of ministry and found he couldn't sleep, despite being very tired. He asked Holy Spirit what was going on, who replied, "That church you taught in didn't receive your teaching. So the spiritual effect has returned to you." When he asked for the solution, Harold was told Isaiah 55:11. "So is My word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to Me void, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it." So, he prayed for his teaching to be returned where he had been. Then he went straight to sleep.

I recounted that event when I was teaching at a conference in New Jersey, and was astounded at how many pastors and others told me afterwards that message is for them. I wonder how often that occurs in New Zealand too?

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